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Pandect X-1000 BT is an enhanced micro car security system with immobiliser Bluetooth tags. Working from the original manufacturer key, the system provides advanced algorithmic protection and alarm. It connects to car systems via CAN bus and reads various statuses, including that of the original security system.


Product Description

Bluetooth tags serve as owner validation and security controlling devices, allowing for Hands Free or button-issued arming. Also supports multi button PIN validation.

Total Security

Integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure adequate response to any event. The system monitors every sensitive area: doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage, etc.

Advanced control

Pandora Utilises Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to a smartphone and transponder tags. Mobile app Pandora BT is available on Google Play and AppStore. It allows adjusting all the functions of the device and receiving information about system state.

Low energy consumption

The system is built for efficiency – it consumes very little energy and does not prevent car systems from entering sleep mode.

Easy to Install

Pandora Mini is made for simplicity – all basic functionality is available after connecting just a few wires. It uses integrated CAN-bus driver to access on-board network. All system features can be programmed via micro-USB using a laptop.

Quality Assurance

Our systems are designed by professional engineers, and are produced on a full-cycle factory in Russia. We take pride in thorough quality control on every step of production to ensure the best results possible.

All in One

This compact system is an all-inclusive solution that requires no additional modules.

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