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Prestige XFinder X1 Vehicle Tracking and Security System

The Prestige XFinder X1 is an ideal Vehicle tracking device. Its small size makes it easy to place in any vehicle, giving you the real-time updates you need.


Vehicle tracking devices have always been popular attracted by the anti-theft benefits and locate the vehicle via mobile phone.

The problem is that, up to now, vehicle tracking devices tie users into a contract. On top of this there's a fixed monthly charge. The system becomes expensive.

We at London Car Alarm Company have come up with a solution. We launched Prestige XFinder X1 the first vehicle tracking device that's available on a genuine Pay-As-You-Use basic. There's no contract and no monthly fee. You simply insert the sim card, just as you would with PAYG mobile phone and top up when you need to. So you genuinely only pay for what you use. No contracts, no direct debts to sign, no hidden extra and no hassle.

Prestige XFinder X1 vehicle tracker comes with a superb range of additional features, also at no extra charge. For example, if a vehicle is towed away, or even if the battery goes flat, it sends a text alert to the user's mobile. Prestige XFinder X1 can also be used remotely immobilise the vehicle (As an optional extra) - invaluable if the vehicle is stolen.


Enjoy an unlimited power supply while the Vehicle is running and, if the Vehicle battery is disconnected, the Prestige XFinder X1 backup battery will continue to provide location information -- ideal for recovering a vehicle if it's been stolen. The backup battery will last at least approx 12 minutes. 

This Additional options also available when fitted with any of our car/van alarms

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