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Revolutionary Immobilisation to secure your vehicle

Starline i96 Immobiliser
Ghost 2 Immobiliser
Halo Mini Immobiliser

These  CANBUS  Immobilisers are digital immobilisers that protect a vehicle through disabling its mobility by sending the appropriate commands to the cars ECU and/or BCM controllers. The code blocking can be done by one or two CAN BUSes (Brand dependant) and two other 1-wire digital buses.  It’s also possible to break an electric circuit using an analog cut with a solid-state control output (1A load). As with the basic immobiliser,  these CANBUS are disarmed by entering a previously set code using the existing buttons in the car (PIN code). In addition to this they also include a transceiver channel, the immobiliser is disarmed when the ID transmitter or smartphone stays within its range. 

These CANBUS immobilisers can be connected to an external car alarm system or Tracker (Brand dependant) as an additional layer of security. It can also provide extra security in cars with keyless entry and effectively protects the car from theft (where the thief copies the car original remote). If the device is connected to an external system, such as a GPS/GSM tracker, remote immobilisation from this device will take priority over the PIN code immobilization from the CANBUS ( Brand dependant). Unlike other car security systems these CANBUS can be installed on electric cars, and can be used in car sharing.

The CANBUS immobilisers can be disarmed either by the ID transmitter, a smartphone or PIN code. When the immobiliser is armed, there are few possible ways of protecting the vehicle from theft (depending on the car model, engine type, and fittings):

  • Preventing the engine from starting,

  • Engine shutdown – it’s possible to start the engine, but it stops when the thief attempts to drive the vehicle away:

    • For vehicles with automatic transmission, the engine stops when the gear stick is moved from the P position,

    • For vehicles with manual transmission, the engine stops when the clutch pedal is pressed,

  • Preventing the vehicle from moving – these CANBUS immobilisers allows you to start the engine, but you are not able to drive away. Plus the engine is not shut down,

  • Preventing the ignition from being switched  on



To start driving the owner needs to pass authorisation by means of a push disarm code using the vehicle buttons with their own unique sequence from 4-21 presses, or a small waterproof wireless tag or smartphone with Starline Key/Autowatch Key App.


No, however the case you have an electrical fault dealer will first suspect it will be caused by the aftermarket product installed. For this purpose, it’s worth selecting the valet or transport mode of the immobiliser when having the car in a garage for electrical repairs.

No, its purely a covert immobilising device but can be added to by additional analogue immobilisation, alarm or trackers, subscription and non subscription based.

This is generally offered by the more professional Installation companies like ourselves.


Starline 3 years,  Halo 3 years and the Autowatch Ghost 2 has 2 years but we can extend the warranty yearly subject to a annual service inspection for a fee 



Based on my personal statistics and fitting these Immobilisers for 6 years, vehicles stolen that had the Ghost 1 or Ghost 2 fitted amounted to 0.0003% 


Vehicles are generally stolen in a few ways 

1)  Poor choice of installation company used ie there are many companies fitting these immobilisers where their main trade is NOT car security systems, such as CAR REMAPPERS, CAR AUTO LOCKSMITHS, MECHANICS ETC

2) Bluetooth tags left on keys

3) Hijacked

4) More aggressive forms of attacks rather than key clone and relay attack

5) More time spent in destroying the car undisturbed (avoid this and check out our Starline Halo + on Youtube, here is the link below )


The Starline i96 can be programmed in 3 ways,

1 Exit Valet mode using the pin sequence disarm code, a paired smartphone or a paired bluetooth tag

2 Can be programmed on customers request at time of installation to exit on a specific distance travel 

3 Can be programmed on customers request at time of installation to exit on a specific speed


We here at London Car Alarm Co have noticed its normally a customer error issues, such as phone upgrade issues, smartphone firmware updates, forgetting push sequence, loosing emergency pin code override card.and vehicle button mechanical failure,

How the Starline i96/Pro/Stealth works

How to use the Starline i96/pro/Stealth emergency override card

How to pair a smartphone or bluetooth tag to a Starline i96/Pro/Stealth

How to place the Starline i96/Pro/Stealth in valet mode

Look no further, below is a list of Manufacturers where these products are available and ready to be installed at your earliest convenience. 

Acura, Alfa Rome0, Aston Martin,  Audi​, Bentley, Bmw, Brilliance​, Cadillac, Changan*, Chery*, Chery Exceed, Chevrolet

Chrysler, Citroen​, Daf *, Daihatsu *, Datsun *, Dodge, Dongfeng *, Ducati *, Dw Hower *, FAW *, Fiat, Ford, Foton *​, Gac *, Gas *, Geely *

Genesis *, Gmc, Gwm *​, Harley Davidson *, Haval *, Hawtai *, Honda, Hummer *, Hyundai​, Infiniti, Isuzu *, Iveco , Jac *, Jaguar, Jeep​, Kamaz *, Kia​, Lada *

Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lifan *, Luxgen *​, Mann, Max *, Mazda, Maserati *, Mclaren, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Morris Garage *​, Nissan 

Opel​, Peugeot, Porsche​, Ravon *, Renault, Rolls Royce *​, Scania *, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sangyong *, Subaru *, Suzuki​, Telsa, Toyota​, Uaz *​, Vauxhall

Volvo *, Vw​, Zotye *

* Please note Starline may not have supporting firmware for these particular Makes of vehicles

3 year guarantee for your peace of mind

Free mobile installations at home, at work, or at the dealership

(Subject to distance)

De-installation service ready for your new vehicle

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