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StarLine i96 CAN – smart anti-theft immobiliser system


A unique, highly-advanced and intelligent immobiliser and anti-hijack system designed for modern vehicles. The only system of its kind in the world that combines the best of both worlds: analogue (‘old school’) and digital CAN-BUS (new age) anti-theft solutions.
Recommended for newer vehicles.


✓ Bluetooth driver ID tag**
✓ StarLine Key (Bluetooth smartphone app.)
✓ PIN code on dash buttons*


✓ Un hackable encryption (BluetoothSmart)
✓ Error-free installation to modern vehicles
✓ Integration with owner’s smartphone
✓ Digital (CANBUS) immobilisation (no wires cut, no external relays used)
✓ Analgue (‘hard-cut’) immobilisation**
✓ Up to 5 wireless immobilisation points**
✓ Built-in accelerometer (motion detection)
✓ 3 operating modes (standard, anti-hijack, valet mode)
✓ Integration with central locking system*
✓ Hands-free operation
✓ Programmable anti-hijack
✓ Change PIN code at any time
✓ Window roll-up*
✓ OBD port lock*
✓ Keyless entry system lock*
✓ Integration with bonnet lock**
✓ One-touch maintenance mode
✓ Stable operation in extreme weather conditions
✓ Waterproof and shockproof ID tag
✓ Emergency deactivation
✓ Compatible with a wide range of vehicles

* Feature is vehicle specific.
** Feature an optional extra.

Autowatch Ghost II CanBus Immobilisation Security System

We have exciting news to share about the latest update to the Autowatch II Ghost.


The Ghost II is the world's first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. Protect your car from theft like nothing else on the market today.


The Ghost II protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. The only way a thief could take a Ghost II protected car is by physically towing it away, even then they will never be able to drive it! The Ghost II has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost II uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, PIN code sequence that must first be entered before you can drive your car. Just like your credit card but you can make your car PIN even safer by making it up to 20 presses long!


However, we did not settle there! In order to make extreme security also be hassle free, we have created an iPhone application that connects to your car and allows you to get in and drive without having to enter the PIN code. This iPhone/Android pairing allows now 2 , authorised, connections with a secret pairing code that is unique to every Ghost and communication between the Ghost and the iPhone/Android is encrypted. All you have to do is pair your iPhone/Android with your Ghost, leave the Autowatch Ghost II application running in the background with Bluetooth enabled and you can drive conveniently and securely.


All Autowatch Ghost II systems sold from August 2019 are compatible and the applications can be downloaded from the App Store/Google Play Store now.



  • No wire cutting means safer installations

  • Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU

  • PIN code via buttons on steering wheel / dash

  • Undetectable using diagnostics

  • Cannot be bypassed using standard theft methods

  • No radio frequency signals

  • No additional fobs

  • Uses the on-board CAN data network

  • Silent, no relay operation

  • Unique user changeable PIN code

  • Service / Valet mode means the PIN code is never compromised

  • Secure, unique emergency code should the PIN be forgotten