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TASSA Registered

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Autowatch Ghost 2 is an anti theft car system. It is a tiny device blocking the engine and other systems of the car by means of a digital command.


The new type of immobiliser was invented some years ago. It’s a CAN immobiliser; the block is made via the CAN bus (Controller Area Network of the vehicle), so no circuit is physically cut off and there is no need for electrical re-wiring.


Depending on the brand and model of the car, it is able to lock: engine, gearbox, accelerator pedal, etc. The device provides a very high level of protection even when the thief holds the key or copies the keyless key.


Authentication is done automatically through a dedicated smartphone application (using an encrypted Bluetooth connection) or by pre-programmed key sequences in the car (steering wheel, pan, air conditioning, esp, etc.). There is available Anti-Hi-Jack mode. (please note: Anti Hi-Jack is not available on all vehicles)


Should you wish to learn more about modern technologies related to your car safety and your convenience call Otto at London Car Alarm Co

Autowatch Features

Secure, unique emergency code should the PIN be forgotten

Service / Valet mode means the PIN code is never compromised

Unique user changeable PIN code

Silent, no relay operation

Uses the on-board CAN data network

No additional fobs

No radio frequency signals

Cannot be bypassed using standard theft methods

Undetectable using diagnostics

PIN code via buttons on steering wheel / dash

Digital locking via CAN-BUS to immobilise the engine

No wire cutting means safer installations

(Please note that the Autowatch Ghost 2 Covers all makes and models of vehicles which use a Canbus network platform and not just these list below)

















Choosing a great secure product is just the first stage of making your asset safe but the right installer is the most critical part, here at The London Car Alarm Company we have been fitting the Autowatch Ghost for coming up to four years and just under a 1000 installs so are very specialised in the field 

Check out our YouTube channel on the link below. Insert your vehicle on the search bar on the channel for your particular vehicle, like the example below to simplify your search

bmw 8 series security upgrade london car alarm co

we here at LCA, have spent considerate time preparing videos for our customers so they can refer to the products we have fitted for them should they ever need to 


Security and Connectivity to Protect 

Mini Waterproof GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking Device With Supporting Tracking Platform


Prestige Trak Eco vehicle car tracking device for Vehicles, comes with built-in GSM and GPS double antennas with ACC to detect ignition when fitted in its advanced form (SIM Card Not Include). Trak Eco vehicle tracking device tracker very simple and easy to use for Cars, Vans, Trucks, etc.


Text message alerts for movement, speeding, leaving or entering areas, low battery, Shock triggering (when set up by customer) . This gps tracker device also comes with a built-in backup battery

LIFETIME SUPPORT PLATFORM (Subject to server provider used)

This GPS tracker has an online tracking service when SIM card is inserted in the device (SIM card not included), search login or download Sinotrack Pro for your tablet and phone for lifetime tracking. Tracking server is available at no additional cost


The Prestige Eco Realtime GPS tracker is based on GSM , GPRS network and GPS satellites locating and monitoring remote the location with the Sinotrack Pro GPS tracking APP for free, which displays the location information accurately ( Positioning accuracy up to 10 meters )


​Also the Prestige Trak Eco GPS tracker can save 2 years of tracking history . Plus you can view and play back your daily tracking history and see where your vehicle is at all times

ST-901 Specification

Operating temperature: -20° to 55° C

Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-condensing

GSM Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

GPS Chip: UBLOX7020

GPS sensitivity: --162Db

Location Accuracy: 5- 10 meters, 2D RMS

Time Accuracy: 1 microsecond time synchronization of satellite time

ST-901 Function

Build-in GPS Vehicles locator

Support 4-frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz which can Work worldwide

Support track the real time address by google link

Built in battery 150 mAh

Support Geo Fence Alarm

Main Power Off Alarm (with built battery only)

Support single location

Support Over Speed Alarm

Support Low Power Alarm


With ACC to detect ignition CONS: CON 1 

Supports only 2G Network

Tracking From £299+vat NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS just PAYG