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​Vehicles perimeters

All our systems are designed to work on almost any vehicle. But every vehicle manufacturer is different. On most installs, our systems talk digitally through the vehicles CAN bus network or by adding external temperature sensors. The information read by the alarm system through the CAN bus network won't always be exact. Therefore  in some small cases the fuel, temperature and other vehicle perimeters may not display on the Starline app vehicle dependent. If they do display, most of the time we can adjust to be as close as we can to the true reading. Normally between 0-20% of the original vehicle reading itself. 

Vehicles factory OEM alarm systems.

Most modern cars are fitted with a factory immobiliser and/or alarm system. These alarms can be updated by the vehicle manufacturer at anytime when your vehicle goes in for a service or remotely at anytime through the SIM card built into the vehicles BCM. To gain control of the OEM alarm system on any vehicle fully, we sometimes need to use an external Module (POA) which controls your spare OEM remote. This then gives your LCA system full control of your Factory settings, including on some vehicles mirror closure, dead locks, roof closure and control of the OEM arm and disarm. On some vehicles if the extra module is not used, you will still be able to arm the security system and lock the vehicle through your OEM remote and the remote/app (security system brand dependant. However on some vehicles, You can disarm the security system and unlock the car remotely through the OEM remote, but not through pressing disarm on the security system control. Please ask your installer for more information on your vehicle. 

Additional sensor 

The additional proximity sensor with warn away can be added to any of our alarm packages for an extra £195.00. this will give two zones. Zone 1 senses internal motion inside the vehicles cabin. Zone 2 senses motion just outside the vehicle, sensing motion on the front two doors just inside the wing mirrors. We have found the proximity and warn away sensor work on 80% of vehicles with no issues. However, some vehicles that are fitted with internal factory and aftermarket electrical wireless antennas can interfere with the sensor causing intermittent false alarms. Factory fitted DAB antennas, internet modems or dongles, security sensors, trackers and other aftermarket wireless devices including dash cams and trackers, can cause interference to the sensor causing Intermittent false alarms. or the sensor not to work at all.  Your installer will fit this sensor as an extra to your alarm if requested. If after the system is fitted and the sensor does false alarm or not function, it will need to be disabled in the smartphone app or removed completely. In some cases the false alarms are caused by the sensor being set too high and simply turning it down will stop most false alarms. However, It is advised that you do not buy this alarm system solely for this sensor as it may not work on your vehicle and may need the external zone disabling.

Window & mirror closure

Window and mirror closure is not included as standard with any of our alarm packages.Some modern cars have full closure already fitted to the vehicle from factory. Some of these vehicles we can control comfort closure with a canBUS commands from the alarm system and will be part of your install. Older vehicles may need extra wiring or a full window closure module fitted to each door to control the windows.  LCA do not make/supply window closure modules, therefore it will not be included in the package.


Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that we can safely disable the vehicles engine for anti-hijack.

Every vehicle is different. We have a large record of vehicle wiring diagrams, which we follow to install our alarm systems on to your vehicle. However, some newer vehicles (anything up to 1 year old) and rare vehicles, we may not have records for. Unless we have a safe immobiliser point on your vehicle, we will not fit this immobiliser. Your safety come first. The rest of the alarm system will be installed leaving Anti-Hijack disabled. Further research will then be needed to find a safe immobiliser for anti-hijack on your vehicle. The vehicle will then need to be booked back in and returned back to us when the research has been competed. This can take up to 6-12month from the installation date.

An agreement has been made between The London Car Alarm Company Ltd and the Client named in the Customer Invoice whereby the Client agrees to purchase the product with an agreed Installation date on all alarm products to their vehicle as referred to in the Invoice on the terms set out below, which together subject to any variations allowed by these conditions constitutes the whole Agreement.

The Company will deliver the product described on the Invoice to the Clients address and whilst at the address, at that time will install it to the Client's vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers recommended installation guidelines and specifications.
Installations requiring payment will be charged at the rates shown on the Invoice.
The product remains the property of the Company until the invoice has been paid in full.

The Client warrants being the owner or duly authorised agent of the vehicle and as such is entitled to enter into this agreement.
The Client agrees to allow the Companies employees or representatives free access to the vehicle at all reasonable times for the purpose of repairing any defects in workmanship, as many times as needed.

The Client understands that fitting the product will require modifications to the vehicle such as brackets, drilled holes, soldered wire, additional wiring etc and the Companies representative will in all cases refer to the manufacturers recommendations and specifications. Every vehicle and system is different. London Car Alarm Co can't guarantee that all aftermarket parts, features and sensors will work the same on each vehicle. Some parts/features of our systems may need future modification, adjustment and development to work on the vehicle.Fuel, temperature and other vehicle parameters may not show on every vehicle. In most cases we can not control your vehicles factory OEM alarm system with out using the spare key. Extra cost will be added if this option is necessary.

All Workmanship comes with a 12 month warranty from the initial date of installation. If a fault occurs in the first 60 days with the product or its installation and we came to you to fit the product, we will return to the original fitting address up to 60 days from the initial installation date for inspection. If a problem occurs after the 60 days with the product or its installation then the vehicle must be brought to us in Edgware for inspection. 
Blown fuses and dead batteries are not covered under warranty and are the customers responsibility to check before any visit. We will first try to diagnose any problems over the phone before we return to the vehicle. We aim to return to your vehicle as soon as possible if a visit is needed from the date you originally reported a problem. But please allow 28 days from the initial date we were informed about any problems with the product. Installers are not responsible for any Parking, bridge tolls or congestion charges on there journey to you. This will be charged to the customer and payable on the day of install. We will not be responsible for any towing, storing of the vehicle or any hire cars needed at any time.
The Company shall be under no liability in respect of defects occurring with the installation arising from wilful damage, ingress of water, misuses, damage as a result of vehicular accident, unauthorised repairs without the Companies approval, unauthorised modifications, use of incorrect consumables such as batteries and keys, fire, flood and acts of God.
The Company shall be under no liability if the total price for the product has not been paid by the due date on the invoice.
The Company shall be under no liability in respect of failure of the product due to the Client failing to adhere to any manufacturers recommended procedures, such as valet mode and service over ride and the replacing of remote control batteries.
The Companies installation workmanship guarantee may be transferred for a fee. Details of which are available from the company.
In the event that an engineer attends a reported fault and the fault is not the responsibility of the Company, a call-out charge will be made to the Client.

All parts are covered by the Manufacturers Guarantee, which is a 1-3 year warranty (Brand Dependant) on products subject to an annual service taking place. This can be arranged through the sales department and must not exceed the anniversary of the date of fitting. 

Returns and Refunds Policy on goods bought without installation

0.1 If you need to return a product purchased  sold on a non fitted basis, then you have 14 days to do so from the initial day of receipt.

0.2 The returned goods must be in a resalable state (i.e.; new and unused and unfitted) and any goods or accessories including all documentation that accompany the returned product must also come back to us. The goods should also be returned with their original packaging, packing and accessories. If the return is due to missing or faulty parts then we will offer a full refund or replacement provided we are aware of this within 5 working days.

0.3 Any refund, which is due to a fault or other defect, will include a refund of the applicable delivery charge. Please post returns to The London Car Alarm Company Ltd at the address shown in section 1.This returns policy does not affect your legal rights.

Cancellation of Orders

0.4 You are able to cancel your order prior to shipping with no cost penalty being incurred and full credit of your account if monies have already been taken. Cancellation must be in writing, by

email or by post (we recommend recorded delivery). 

Delivery and Postage Information

0.5 Delivery can be to any address as long the address at which your payment card is registered is also present on your order, though areas outside of the UK will have higher delivery costs. All deliveries must be signed for (except items sent by post and which are small enough to be put through your letterbox). Please make sure you keep the receipt enclosed with your goods.

0.6 When you add products to your Shopping Basket, the appropriate delivery charge will be added automatically. You will always be able to see this charge before submitting your order.

0.7 All delivery timescales are subject to product and delivery slot availability. Small parcels may be delivered via Royal Mail. Delivery may take up to ten working days.

0.8 The contents of your order and your delivery postcode area will determine which delivery services you will be offered.

0.9 We do not deliver to International Post Office (P.O.) boxes or shipping agent addresses.
We will select the most appropriate carrier for your goods. This means your delivery may arrive in more than one batch to ensure your order is transported in the best possible way.

0.10 Whilst every reasonable effort shall be made to keep to any delivery date, time of delivery shall not be of the essence and the company shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses incurred by the customer or any other person or company arising directly or indirectly out of any failure to meet any estimated delivery date. The risk in the goods shall pass from the company to the customer upon delivery of such goods to the customer.

0.11 Deliveries will be attempted at your chosen address on the following day if the first delivery was unsuccessful. If your delivery was unsuccessful on the second attempt then a card will be left at your address allowing you to contact the delivery service and arrange a collection, you may pay an extra £10.00 for a third attempt on delivery. If you cannot collect your goods within five days or have not paid for the re-delivery then it will be returned to London Car Alarm Co. All returned orders to London Car Alarm Co will be refunded via the method of payment, you will incur a £19.99 charge for the attempted deliveries. 

The contract may be cancelled by the Client with a 25% charge of the total order being made to cover costs providing this is no later than 24 hours prior to the agreed time of delivery.
If the Client cancels the order in under 24 hours of the agreed time of delivery, a charge of 50% will be applied.
If upon arrival the vehicle is unsuitable to be worked on, i.e. does not start or is deemed un-roadworthy, the installation will be forfeited and a second appointment will be required and the Client charged.
If the Client cannot provide a credit/debit card statement as proof of identification upon arrival, again the installation will be forfeited and a second appointment will be required and the Client charged.
If the Client wishes to change the location of the vehicle in less than 24 hours prior to the agreed delivery and installation date, the installation will be forfeited and a second appointment will be required at a cost to the Client.

Due to the nature of the system we fit after installation there is no refunds, unless a fault is found with the parts or install and can not be rectified by U.K. Car Alarms Ltd  or any of their registered dealers/installers. In this case U.K. car alarms ltd must be given the opportunity to return to the vehicle to rectify any faults with the system within 14 days of the installation date.. If for any reason both parties agree to remove the system fitted by London Car Alarm Co, this must be decommissioned and uninstalled/removed by a registered authorised installer of that Product only.  

The Company shall be entitled to cancel the contract.
Within 14 days from any vehicular survey carried out by the Companies representative.
At any time if the Company is hindered from delivering the product and completing the installation by any event beyond the Companies control.
In either of the above cases unless the cancellation is brought by wrongful behaviour of the Client, the Company shall repay to the Client the amount of any deposit paid by the Client. The Company will not otherwise be under any liability whatsoever except as may otherwise be provided by statute.

A deposit will be taken on all mobile fitting jobs outside our work shop area of a minimum of £150 payable by bank Transfer. This is non refundable if cancelled within 14 days of the installation date. On the day of installation of the product, all sums due must be paid in full. Any sums due but unpaid by the Client will carry interest at the prevailing statutory rate and accrue on a daily basis after as well as before any judgment.

The contract comprises of the verbal order placed with salesperson and the above conditions. No variations will be deemed to be agreed by the Company unless they are set out in writing and signed by the owner of the Company.


We try to cover most of the U.K for mobile fitting. We have the right to refuse mobile fitting in any area we feel we can't cover future after sales.

A full copy of the Terms and conditions is available on request. please email

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