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The car engine will be immobilise automatically, when the transmitter is out of the effective service range.


If the transmitter is in the effective service range, it will disarm its immobilised status, at that time the car can be started normally.

Emergency override

If the power of transmitter is too low or a malfunction occurs to the transmitter while driving, the main unit will stop working,  after seventy one seconds the engine will become immobilised, and you will be no longer be able to continue driving until a transmitter is detected by the main unit again, press the reset button continuously for three times and keep pressing the button at the third time until the buzzer of main unit sounds three times this will override the immobiliser. At this time you can start the car normally. Reverse to reactivate


Change the battery of the transmitter or even use the new transmitter.

(low battery detection) After ten seconds the engine started, If the battery voltage falls below 2.3V, the buzzer on the main unit will sound three times and repeat three seconds there after to remind the car owner a battery change is required. To guarantee the stability of system, please use the high quality batteries (CR2032), also to keep the set range in the transmitter, please replace the new battery into the transmitter within 30 seconds after removal of the old battery. THE LED WILL FLASH ONE TIME TO INDICATE THE CORRECT WAY UP OF THE BATTERY INSTALLATION 


Restore factory setting

Disconnecting the power supply from main unit will result in the system returning to original factory settings.


Code learning mode

Press the reset button four times, and do not release the button at the fourth time until you hear a beep from the buzzer. This will then confirm the main unit has entered the code learning mode, place the battery in the transmitter which needs to be learnt within 30 seconds. When the buzzer sounds a "beep" it means the first transmitter learning code has been success, Place the battery in the second transmitter within 30 seconds, the buzzer sounds "beep" twice, and then the second transmitter code has also been learnt successfully. Repeat this for the final transmitter. If no code is learnt with in 30 seconds the system will quit the learning code mode procedure automatically. MAX 3 TRANSMITTERS CAN BE LEARNT


Transmitter distance adjustment

Users can adjust the transmitting distance of remote control. Press the switch button for 2 seconds, the bleeper will chirp once, and remote control will enter sensitivity adjustment mode. Now short press the switch once on the back hole of the first transmitter, the sensitivity will increase one level. The bleeper chirp times and the level of the sensitivity are corresponding (For example: buzzer chirp 3 times, the remote control are on the 3rd level of range). The sensitivity can be adjusted from 1st to 8th level circularly. The 8th level is the highest sensitivity level (longest transmitting distance) Factory setting is 3.


1. The distance between remote control and main unit should be within 1 metre when adjusting sensitivity.

2. If  it cannot start the engine occasionally, please increase sensitivity level.

3. If it cannot start the engine frequently, please increase 2 or more sensitivity

4. If the engine start is normal but the control distance is long, please decrease levels. one sensitivity level.

5. The adjustment should be made while the engine start is normal.

6. In the same situation, the transmitting distance for the car without explosion-proof membrane is longer than the car with explosion-proof membrane.

Alarm mode and anti-hijacking function Export sales only (car owner must take along the transmitter):

When the transmitter is out of the effective service range, ignition on it will activate the anti-hijacking mode, the buzzer will sound once a second, after 5 seconds if the car owner is five meters away the car. From the fiftieth to sixtieth second, the buzzer will sound twice each second, and three times every second from sixtieth to seventieth second, at the seventy first second, the car engine will be shut down automatically. Once the car owner returns back into the car, the anti-hijacking mode will be disarmed and the car can be started as usual.


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