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London car alarm company_edited.jpg
London car alarm company_edited.jpg

Warning Starline Is A Very Advanced Security System Make Sure You Can Handle It Or Stay Away


The most advanced, feature-rich, and customisable car alarm systems on the market, offering seamless integration, the latest security technologies for professional anti-theft protection, amazing comfort upgrades, and unparalleled value!

Designed for modern cars with the contemporary user in mind.

Our UK alarm-based vehicle security product range has 3 different platforms: The B, E, and S-series.

All systems support various forms of driver recognition and have the same security features. All systems are suitable for CAN-BUS (newer) as well as analogue (older) vehicles.

Additional security features (such as bonnet lock integration, individually programmed anti-hijack, wireless immobilisation relays, OBD port / keyless entry system lock), as well as various comfort upgrades (such as remote engine start, window roll-up, runlock, folding mirrors, etc.) can be added to any of the above systems optionally.

Compare the three plaforms below.

starline i96 smart.jpg

Starline i96 Smart Canbus Immobiliser From £499-£799

starline s96 smart.jpg

Starline S6/96/9V2 GSM Smart Vehicle Alarm Security System

From £745

starline s96 eco.jpg

Starline S6/96/9V2 GSM Solaris

Vehicle Alarm Security System

From £1195

sytarline m66 eco.jpg

Starline M66 S0laris

Tracking Security System

From £550

starline m66 pro.jpg

Starline M66

Solaris Immobiliser

Tracking Security System

From £650

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