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Autowatch Ghost 2 is an anti theft car system. It is a tiny device blocking the engine and other systems of the car by means of a digital command.


The new type of immobiliser was invented some years ago. It’s a CAN immobiliser; the block is made via the CAN bus (Controller Area Network of the vehicle), so no circuit is physically cut off and there is no need for electrical re-wiring.


Depending on the brand and model of the car, it is able to lock: engine, gearbox, accelerator pedal, etc. The device provides a very high level of protection even when the thief holds the key or copies the keyless key.


Authentication is done automatically through a dedicated smartphone application (using an encrypted Bluetooth connection) or by pre-programmed key sequences in the car (steering wheel, pan, air conditioning, esp, etc.). There is available Anti-Hi-Jack mode. (please note: Anti Hi-Jack is not available on all vehicles)


Should you wish to learn more about modern technologies related to your car safety and your convenience call Otto at London Car Alarm Co

Autowatch Features

  • No wire cutting means safer installations

  • Digital locking via CAN-BUS to immobilise the engine

  • PIN code via buttons on steering wheel / dash

  • Undetectable using diagnostics

  • Cannot be bypassed using standard theft methods

  • No radio frequency signals

  • No additional fobs

  • Uses the on-board CAN data network

  • Silent, no relay operation

  • Unique user changeable PIN code

  • Service / Valet mode means the PIN code is never compromised

  • Secure, unique emergency code should the PIN be forgotten

  • • Built in COMFORT features

Select your vehicle brand below and see how the ghost functions with some useful videos we have prepared for our customers

Ford Focus

Ford Galaxy

Ford Mustang

Ford Mondao

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