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Warning Starline Is A Very Advanced Security System Make Sure You Can Handle It Or Stay Away


The most advanced, feature-rich, and customisable car alarm systems on the market, offering seamless integration, the latest security technologies for professional anti-theft protection, amazing comfort upgrades, and unparalleled value!

Designed for modern cars with the contemporary user in mind.

Our UK alarm-based vehicle security product range has 3 different platforms: The B, E, and S-series.

All systems support various forms of driver recognition and have the same security features. All systems are suitable for CAN-BUS (newer) as well as analogue (older) vehicles.

Additional security features (such as bonnet lock integration, individually programmed anti-hijack, wireless immobilisation relays, OBD port / keyless entry system lock), as well as various comfort upgrades (such as remote engine start, window roll-up, runlock, folding mirrors, etc.) can be added to any of the above systems optionally.

Compare the three plaforms below.

starline i96 smart.jpg
starline s96 eco.jpg
starline i96 eco.jpg
starline s96 smart.jpg
starline s96 smart.jpg

Starline S6/96/9V2 GSM Smart Vehicle Alarm Security System


starline e96 eco.jpg
starline s96 car alarm

Starline S6/96/9V2 GSM Eco

Vehicle Alarm Security System


Starline e96 car alarm
starline s96 eco.jpg

Starline S6/96/9V2 GSM Pro 

Vehicle Alarm Security System


starline m66 tracker
sytarline m66 eco.jpg

Starline M66 Eco

Tracking Security System


starline m66 pro.jpg

Starline M66 Pro

Tracking Security System